Creative Ideas for Stair Railings That Will Help With Your Next Stair Remodel

A staircase has the potential to be the centerpiece of any home, and having the right design can serve as the key focal point for any project. However, the idea of a stair remodel is often overlooked, despite the impact that it can have on a home improvement project. Some homeowners avoid such projects because they are worried that they’ll be taking on a gargantuan task that requires huge amounts of materials and energy. However, many would be surprised at how a little creative thinking can go a long way in helping you to come up with an ingenious design for a staircase.

Let’s think about stair railings for example. You could try using unusual materials or replacing typical stair parts with something different by repurposing a few things.

Here are a few ideas for stair railings and odd items that might help to get those creative juices flowing.

Have you ever considered repurposing a rowing paddle? A rowing paddle staircase railing can be one of the best creative stair parts to include in a stair remodel for a lake house or a beachfront property. It already has the shape and size that most staircases need, so you can it be repurposed easily.

You could also bring a bit of nature inside your home by using a branch to replace your current stair railings. All you need is the right branch for the project. If you’re partial to the idea of using an actual branch, you can try having a custom branch-like rail made while only using the shape as inspiration.

If you have an outdoor staircase, vines can be a great idea for a handrail. Free form vines are great for this type of project and can often be found in the woods or at a local garden nursery. This design is also great because it can be easily integrated into an existing garden.

If you’re looking for stair railings that have an industrial flare, you can try using metal piping or unstained wood. These types of stair parts look great on wood stairs, and are easy to install.  

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help to jumpstart the creative process for your next home improvement project.

However, keep in mind that a distinctive staircase handrail doesn’t need to be made of an unusual or repurposed material. These are just a few creative ways to change an ordinary staircase into a breathtaking focal point during your next stair remodel.

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  • Aly Curtis