Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Staircase

Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Staircase

It's warming up outside and colorful flowers are coming in, springtime is definitely in the air. Spring cleaning has commenced, and bright decorations are popping up everywhere you look. If the decor in your home is going to shift for spring, don't ignore one of the most visible places in it: your staircase.

Instead, let your staircase steal the show with some beautiful spring decor. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the season.

spring decorating

1. Add a springtime wrap to your handrail. Go to your favorite craft store, pick up about 15-20 feet of your favorite floral line, and wrap it around your stair railings. You can even experiment by adding the floral line to other stair parts like your iron balusters.

spring decor

2. Add brightly colored, temporary wallpaper to your risers. You don't have to adjust your permanent stair design to play with this colorful addition. Simply purchase a few different springtime wallpaper designs and get started.

3. Create a springtime collage on the wall. Although this might be the most expensive idea, it is definitely a stunning one. Start by collecting images that are in line with your theme, buy matching frames for each images (or mismatch them, either way!), and get hanging! You'll love the updated look this springtime decor adds to your staircase.

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  • Bill Vickers