Iron Shoes and Iron Balusters

Iron shoes are the accessories in the world of iron balusters.

Not only do they add to the elegant look that iron balusters have to offer, but they hide installation damage and other imperfections. Typically when you install iron balusters, drill holes and various other "eye sores" will be left behind. But remember, although they look nice, they aren't a part of the iron baluster's structure. Iron shoes are purely decorative. 

iron balusters shoes; Image:

Installing iron shoes is simple: apply glue to the base of your iron balusters, slide the iron shoes onto the baluster, and then press shoes into place.

One of the most important things to remember is that your iron shoes must match the size of your iron balusters. For example, if your iron baluster is 1/2" wide, then the opening on your iron shoes must be at least 1/2" wide. Of course, your iron shoes should have an opening that is slightly larger than your baluster so that it can slide on without causing any damage, but most manufacturers are aware of this detail. Since iron balusters vary in size, be sure to pay close attention to this detail when selecting iron shoes.  

Hand-crafted and hammered iron shoes have a unique, Tuscan look that most designers prefer. Each iron shoe is a one-of-a kind piece. The only issue with these hand-crafter parts is that the sizes can vary from piece to piece. After placing your order, be sure and verify that each iron shoe fits your iron balusters before installation.

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  • Aly Curtis