Most Commonly Repaired Stair Parts for a Stair Remodel or Project

There are a few things that you should look for when you're trying to get a handle on the wear and tear that your stairs are sure to endure over the years. 

The first step is identifying the problem.

There are a number of difficulties that you can experience when dealing with stair parts and repairs. These problems can come in all shapes and sizes and can range from creaky steps, loose iron balusters, to damaged railings. The first step in the restoration or upkeep of your staircase will be to access the problem. This can be accomplished by traveling your staircase and listening for squeaks and feeling for loose steps. Once you’ve pinpointed a problem, you should visually inspect the area, looking for gaps or other signs of wear.

The Most Common Repairs 

Whether you are undergoing a stair remodel or just practicing routine maintenance, there are issues that are sure to arise. The most common of these issues are usually loose stringers and squeaky stair risers or treads.

Loose Stingers. If you are unfamiliar with stringers, they are the diagonal stair parts that abut the risers and treads on a staircase. Stingers tend to spread apart over time due to poor original workmanship, inappropriate repair, or most often, because of wall movement called house settling. When this occurs, risers and treads become loose and begin pulling from their housings. The process of repairing this issue can be easy to accomplish with the proper guidance and expertise.

Squeaky Stairs. Of all the issues that you can intend to find, the most frequent will be squeaky stair risers or treads. Typically, stair risers and treads aren’t nailed down. It is common practice to use wedges instead in an attempt secure these stair parts while keeping them squeak-free. When squeaking does arise, it is usually because these wedges have become loose. Of all of the repairs that you are sure to undergo, this is usually the most simple. By re-tightening and securing the wedges, the squeaking should subside, and you’ll be on to the next project in no time at all.


Whether you’re dealing with iron balusters, loose stingers, or just a few squeaky steps, it is always helpful to have an expert on your side during any stair remodel or repair project. Direct Stair Parts has the resources you need for any stair project, including detailed diagrams, a stair parts specification guide, and best of all, the most premiere stair parts at the best prices. Contact us today so that we can answer your questions and help you find the quality stair parts that you need.

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