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Iron Shoes and Iron Balusters

Iron shoes are the accessories in the world of iron balusters.

Not only do they add to the elegant look that iron balusters have to offer, but they hide installation damage and other imperfections. Typically when you install iron balusters, drill holes and various other "eye sores" will be left behind. But remember, although they look nice, they aren't a part of the iron baluster's structure. Iron shoes are purely decorative. 

iron balusters shoes; Image:

Installing iron shoes is simple: apply glue to the base of your iron balusters, slide the iron shoes onto the baluster, and then press shoes into place.

One of the most important things to remember is that your iron shoes must match the size of your iron balusters. For example, if your iron baluster is 1/2" wide, then the opening on your iron shoes must be at least 1/2" wide. Of course, your iron shoes should have an opening that is slightly larger than your baluster so that it can slide on without causing any damage, but most manufacturers are aware of this detail. Since iron balusters vary in size, be sure to pay close attention to this detail when selecting iron shoes.  

Hand-crafted and hammered iron shoes have a unique, Tuscan look that most designers prefer. Each iron shoe is a one-of-a kind piece. The only issue with these hand-crafter parts is that the sizes can vary from piece to piece. After placing your order, be sure and verify that each iron shoe fits your iron balusters before installation.

At Direct Stair Parts, we have everything that you need for a stair remodel or project. We have a wide variety of Iron Balusters and Iron Shoes to choose from. Follow the links to view our store.

Iron Balusters or Wood Balusters

So which one is better, wood or iron balusters?

One of the first questions you have to answer once you've embarked on your stair remodel or project is whether you'll go with wood or iron balusters. Each design has a totally different feel, and there are pros and cons to each. Custom stair parts have become so popular in the stair design world that this decision is becoming harder and harder, so we're going to compare wood and iron balusters to help you make a more informed decision.



Customization: Iron can be molded into a variety of different shapes, while wood is more limited. Yes, you can have wood balusters carved to fit your needs, but the variety of iron balusters already out there for you to choose from is much higher. Plus iron is much stronger than wood, so iron balusters can be molded into thinner shapes than wood.


Usage: Outdoors, it is certainly better to use iron balusters in place of wood because they can withstand the elements much better. Although you have the option to use wood balusters indoors, iron can still handle heavier usage than wood. Wood has the tendency to wear out quicker and lose its shine in as little as six months.


Durability: Iron is a much stronger material than wood, making it a more durable product. Wood is susceptible to termites, cracking, warping, and more, which means they'll need to be replaced more frequently. 


So if you're deciding between wood or iron balusters, keep in mind that either one would be a great choice from a design perspective. One thing to keep in mind? Iron balusters are more customizable and can withstand heavier usage. But for whatever you decide, we've got both wood balusters and iron balusters available in our online catalog.




Custom Stair Parts: Finding Your Perfect Design

The staircase in your home adds to the character of your home's interior design. Over time, your staircase may become outdated and age the rest of your interior. Sure, you could replace a few damaged stair parts or even add a fresh coat of paint to liven it up, but one of the best ways to bring new life to an old staircase would be to add some custom elements with the stair parts of your choice.

When you first begin a stair remodel, it's important to not only decide what design you prefer, but also to figure out which materials you want to use. One of the best tools to get you started is our Stair Design Tool. You have many options when it comes to stair parts, and the team at Direct Stair Parts will support you every step of the way.

So whether you decide on wood stairs, iron balusters, or new staircase altogether, remember the design choice is yours.

Direct Stair Parts offers all of the sizes, colors, and fits that you could imagine in our inventory of cheap stair parts. Because of the variety we offer, you don't have to worry about your custom stair part needs. It is also because of this variety that you can find the perfect fit for your home. So if you're just getting started, here are some of your options when it comes to stair parts:


The balusters are the stair parts that stand upright between newel posts, and they attach to the treads and the handrail. A staircase design trend right now is using iron balusters. There are several different finishes when deciding on iron balusters, and you can check them out here. There are many different designs ranging from traditional and ornate to simple and straight, so you can choose the iron balusters that are right for you. Of course, we offer wood balusters as well. Since balusters aren't worn as quickly as treads, they can be made from various types of wood. The choice is yours.


You walk up and down on the treads every day. Treads are the horizontal, flat pieces that we step on, and the pieces that are vertical in between each tread are called risers. These stair parts need to be strong as they endure heavy traffic, so when choosing treads, this must be taken into consideration. If hardwood flooring is a part of your interior design, it is also popular to choose treads that match your floors. Your options are endless when it comes to the types of wood you can use for your treads, so check out our inventory of wood treads.

Newel Posts

These posts are sturdy and can be found at the bottom, at the top, or on the landings of any staircase. These posts act as an anchor for the handrails by providing strength to the overall staircase design. You have various designs to choose from when deciding on newel posts, and it is also popular to have a newel cap to top it off. So whether you're going for a more modern staircase design, or a more traditional, ornate one, you can find the right newel posts for you. Keep in mind that these posts are connected to the handrails, so be sure to use complimentary materials.


This is the stair part that your rest your hand on as you go up or down your staircase. It is often rounded so that a hand can rest on it comfortably. As always, depending on the interior design of your home, the handrail can be more modern or more traditional. We know you'll find the handrail you're looking for in our handrail inventory.

The options are endless when it comes to a custom designed staircase. Bring new life to the interior of your home with a few new stair parts or an entire staircase remodel. To view some of our stair parts in action, take a look at our photo gallery. Take the first step to making your staircase a centerpiece in your home's interior design.

The New Era of Stylish Iron Balusters

The staircase isn’t just a necessary part of the multilevel home; it can be a beautiful part. One of the latest trends in staircase design includes making your staircase an elegant focal point, not an after thought. So if you’re looking to freshen up your home, and you don’t have a lot of extra cash to do it, start with your staircase.


If you’re intrigued by the idea of remodeling your staircase on a budget, follow this link to get started. We’ve got all of the tools and information you need to be successful.


Some of the most popular staircase elements right now are iron balusters.

They’re stylish and curvy, and they’re reminiscent of the Gothic Era, bringing a little bit of European design into your home. Their sleek design makes them nothing like the balusters that came before them. Plus they come in a variety of colors and shades, which you can see by clicking here.

 Staircase with Iron Balusters.


Iron balusters are comprised of wrought iron, a unique metal with fibrous grains.

Most metals lack texture, but wrought iron is full of it. This distinct metal makes iron balusters full of character, making them a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike. In addition to being stylish, iron balusters are durable, a trait that allows homeowners to rest easy.


The wrought iron in iron balusters doesn’t bend and it’s resistant to rust, making it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor staircases. So whether you’re looking to remodel your indoor staircase or add an outdoor one, you can rely on iron balusters.

Need help working on a staircase design? Check out our staircase design tool.


In addition to being virtually damage resistant, iron balusters are also rather light compared to other metal staircase elements. The fact that they’re lightweight makes for an easier installation process for the homeowner. Direct Stair Parts has a large variety of iron balusters to choose from, see what we have to offer by clicking here.

As always, be sure and plan your design out ahead of time so that you get exactly what you need for installation.


The staircase isn’t just a functional part of your home anymore, with an inexpensive stair remodel, it can become a central design piece. The style and sophistication that iron balusters will bring to your home will be timeless. We look forward to helping you create the staircase of your dreams.


To see some of the staircases that we’ve contributed to, check out our gallery by clicking here.

The Tools You'll Need to Replace Stair Parts

The staircase is one of the most high traffic areas in the home. For this reason, stair parts may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear. For example, stair railings are constantly being grabbed, pulled on, and occasionally, ridden down, so when it's time for them to be replaced, it's important that it's done properly.

Specially designed staircases will require special tools and stair parts for replacements, but most wood stairs can be worked on with the following tools:

1. Level: This tool is absolutely necessary when replacing stair parts. Over time, the foundations of your home may shift which results in wall movement. When this happens, it can cause leveling issues. Remember that even when things appear level to the naked eye, they may not be.

2. Polyurethane Glue: This glue may be used to hold stair components in place, for example, newel posts to wood dowels.

3. Putty Knife: This tool can be used to scrape old glue off of used wedges.

4. Rubber Mallet: The Rubber Mallet will be useful when removing old or damaged stair parts. It can also be used to fit stair treads into their housings or to force wedges between their risers and frames.

5. Drill: Screws are used to secure some stair parts in place. You'll need to use a drill to remove old screws and to insert new ones. 

6. 1/2" Drill Bit: Each time you use the drill to screw new parts into place, you are risking splitting the wood stairs. To prevent this, you must drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the screw you will be using first. This size drill bit will (most of the time) work perfectly.

stair parts, stair railings, stair remodel

These are just some of the basic tools you will need when replacing stair parts or working on a stair remodel. Do your research before you begin your project to be sure that you have all of the tools for your specific staircase needs. If this is your first time working with stair parts, visit our getting started page.

Whether you've decided to embark on a full stair remodel or you're just interested in replacing a few worn stair parts, place your order with Direct Stair Parts. Our prices can't be beat, and with such a wide variety of stair parts, you'll find exactly what you need. Check out our options for wood stairs, iron balusters, and much more.


stair treads to match your new exotic wood floor

So you've decided to put new hardwood flooring in your home.  You've gone with something exotic like hickory, black walnut, white oak, cherry, etc...  Let us help with matching your stair treads to your beautiful new flooring.  Email us at and we will get you a quote on those exotic stair treads and risers to go with that new floor.  Allow 4-6 weeks from the time you order for delivery to your project.