The Tools You'll Need to Replace Stair Parts

The staircase is one of the most high traffic areas in the home. For this reason, stair parts may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear. For example, stair railings are constantly being grabbed, pulled on, and occasionally, ridden down, so when it's time for them to be replaced, it's important that it's done properly.

Specially designed staircases will require special tools and stair parts for replacements, but most wood stairs can be worked on with the following tools:

1. Level: This tool is absolutely necessary when replacing stair parts. Over time, the foundations of your home may shift which results in wall movement. When this happens, it can cause leveling issues. Remember that even when things appear level to the naked eye, they may not be.

2. Polyurethane Glue: This glue may be used to hold stair components in place, for example, newel posts to wood dowels.

3. Putty Knife: This tool can be used to scrape old glue off of used wedges.

4. Rubber Mallet: The Rubber Mallet will be useful when removing old or damaged stair parts. It can also be used to fit stair treads into their housings or to force wedges between their risers and frames.

5. Drill: Screws are used to secure some stair parts in place. You'll need to use a drill to remove old screws and to insert new ones. 

6. 1/2" Drill Bit: Each time you use the drill to screw new parts into place, you are risking splitting the wood stairs. To prevent this, you must drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the screw you will be using first. This size drill bit will (most of the time) work perfectly.

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These are just some of the basic tools you will need when replacing stair parts or working on a stair remodel. Do your research before you begin your project to be sure that you have all of the tools for your specific staircase needs. If this is your first time working with stair parts, visit our getting started page.

Whether you've decided to embark on a full stair remodel or you're just interested in replacing a few worn stair parts, place your order with Direct Stair Parts. Our prices can't be beat, and with such a wide variety of stair parts, you'll find exactly what you need. Check out our options for wood stairs, iron balusters, and much more.


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  • Aly Curtis