Deciding on Iron Balusters for Your Home

Deciding on Iron Balusters for Your Home

The beauty of your staircase design is in the details, and a lot of preparation goes into making those details beautiful. Material, design, and layout are all very important when it comes to planning a stair remodel or project, but don't worry, once you get started, the process isn't long or treacherous.


So what if you decide to use iron balusters in your new staircase design? You have a few options to choose from.

The simplest options that you have are the Gothic, Medallion, and Mediterranean iron balusters. If you're looking for a more basic design, then you'll love the Gothic and Mediterranean options. Whereas the Medallion option includes a round cutout within the baluster that can seem a bit more flashy.


deciding on iron balusters


If you love the ribbon look, then you'll love our Ribbon, Twist & Basket, Mega and Knee Wall options. While the basic Ribbon design is more classic, the Twist & Basket and Knee Wall options come very close. For a bolder look, you should check out our Mega iron balusters. The more intricate designs include our Scroll and Belly options. These gorgeous accents will make any onlooker pause and admire your new addition. You can also add a decorative panel to give your stair remodel extra flair.


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  • Aly Curtis