Stair Remodel or Staircase Project | Getting Started

Navigating Your Stair Project

So you decided to update your staircase, but you can't figure out where to start. We are glad you came to Direct Stair Parts. We will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

Identifying Your Current Staircase

Half Wall – You have little to no open handrail on your stairs, only a sheetrock wall. In order to have stair parts, you will want to find a licensed contractor to remove the sheetrock half wall to expose the stairway. Once the sheetrock is gone, you can install any type of newel post, handrail and/or staircase baluster.
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Closed Rake – This means you cannot see the outline of the steps looking from a side view. All of the balusters will be similar in length, which makes for easy installation. If you want a decorative shoe at the bottom, make note to order the angle or pitch shoe, not a flat shoe.
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Open Rake – Here you can see the outline of your steps from the side view and each of your balusters will be different lengths based on their location on the step. All of the iron balusters come as 44" in length standard, but it will be up to your installer to field measure and cut each one at the time of installation.
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Common Terms

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Stair Design

It helps to look through pictures of other staircases to see what style you are drawn to for your stair remodel or project. Direct Stair Parts offers a large selection of iron balusters and iron finishes that can accommodate most tastes. Once you scroll through the gallery, try out the Stair Design Tool. You will be able to click and drag components to begin creating your own custom pattern. The Stair Design Tool will list the number of the stair parts that you have used, and you can print out as many different patterns as you desire.

Install It

Locate a handyman in your area or do it yourself. Direct Stair Parts has a detailed staircase guide about each aspect of the staircase and more information about how it all goes together. Also, be sure to check out the building codes in your city to ensure compliance of the new materials and install techniques that you use for your stair remodel.

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