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Wholesale Stair Parts Savings!

Buying stair parts for wholesale pricing or stair parts in bulk isn't a new concept. Stores like Costco and Sam's Club have built very successfully on the idea that buying in bulk is a good way to save money, and the same should be true for stair parts. At Direct Stair Parts, we're committed to providing great quality and service at wholesale stair parts prices. 

Not only that, but we're willing to reward our bulk shoppers! Here are some of the perks available to our wholesale and bulk shoppers:

  • Free shipping for any order over $1350,
  • Up to 10% off when you join our Partner Program,
  • Bulk discounts above and beyond our already great stair parts prices!

Please don't wait any longer to get your discount on stair parts today! Whether you're a home building contractor who just works on numerous projects or a wholesaler who sells stair parts and stair supplies, why not buy your wholesale stair parts with Direct Stair Parts today!