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Bullnose Treads with Mitered Return: C-8070

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Bullnose Treads with Mitered Return: C-8070 | Stair parts
Red Oak
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Bullnose Treads with Mitered Return: C-8070

Red Oak Treads are solid, edge-glued construction Mitered return is coped Plain treads are square three sides and nosed one edge with a sanded face Tread thickness is 1-1/32" with a tolerance of (+ 0) to (-1/32")

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Renovations and new construction can be such a headache. It can require a lot of organization, money, and trips to the hardware store. It doesn't have to be that way. Buying stair treads online gives you the opportunity to plan your stair project in the comfort of your own home, have it shipped right to your door, and keep renovation costs down. Direct Stair Parts provides a stair design tool that helps bring all of the pieces together as well as specification guides to assist you with ordering and installation. If you do have any questions, the customer service at Direct Stair Parts is second to none. Our service representatives can help with any issue by email or phone. The options for treads, risers, and accessories provide you with everything you need to make your renovation or new construction a success.

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Direct Stair Parts sells first-rate wood stair treads and risers for your construction needs. Each tread is gorgeous red oak with solid edge-glued construction and a beautifully sanded face. This allows you to customize your stair treads to match the exact design of your home. The tread options include bullnose, a mitered return, and a double mitered return. There are two decorative options available for tread brackets which can be ordered in a solid wood or a veneer finish. Direct Stair Parts also sells tread caps, nosing, moldings, and landing treads in addition to the treads and risers, so it truly is one-stop online shopping. The most amazing aspect of these wood treads and accessories is the price. It is absolutely the best value for the quality of materials used to make each tread.

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