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Single Basket Iron Newel C-2450

Iron Newel

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Single Basket Iron Newel    C-2450 | Stair parts



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Single Basket Iron Newel C-2450

Part Number: 2450 Height: 48" Ends: 1 3/16" Square Available in Solid & Tubular Available Finishes:  Satin Black

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Strength and durability are key in selecting the best newel for your staircase. Iron newel staircases last longer than other materials. They also offer an elegant touch to the balusters in your staircase. Single twist newels offer an understated beauty, while the single basket newels add an intricate design to any staircase. Gothic style newels provide both the strength of solidly constructed design and the durability to the solid iron materials.

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You can't beat the prices for these high quality iron newels. Quality materials and custom designs that you can create yourself using their StairArtist web design are great for actually seeing what parts you need. You can choose the iron newel that you think will work best with your staircase by a simple drop down menu.

We provide excellent customer service and take pride in our work. We offer a detailed guide for placement of the newel post, so you can do it yourself or have a handyman do it for you. We work with the leading manufacturers to give you the best price available.

At Direct Stair Parts, we provide the knowledge you need to make intelligent decision on your stair remodel. So whether you have a Post to Post stair or a Over the Post stair, you can understand what parts you need. Our quality products are guaranteed to last for the life of the staircase.

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