Ordering Specifications for Newels Page 2

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All Over-the-Post newels are manufactured with a 3/4" diameter pin turned into the top of the newel that will be installed into the underside of the fittings used in the rail system. Recommended heights for the following newel placements are based on a 34" rake rail height, a 7-1/2" rise, a 10" run, and a 1-1/4" tread overhang and are dependent on the location of the newel matching the standard location listed with the application. Variances of up to 3/4" can be expected in certain conditions and should be accounted for when trying to achieve minimum code heights.
    OTP STARTING NEWEL HEIGHTS ( For 34" Rake Rail Height)
These newels have a 1-1/2" diameter by 10" deep hole bored into the bottom of the newel and are shipped with a loose 19" dowel in the carton. These newels allow the installer to trim the newel (up to 4") to achieve exact rake rail heights over a wide variety of applications.
  NOTE: Rake rail height requirements other than 34" can be adjusted on a 1:1 basis. Example: For a 36" rake rail height, add 2" to the base number. For a 30" rake rail height, subtract 4". Check local building codes. NOTE: 1" movement in the newel from standard placement will change the rail height by approximately 3/4". Moving newel placement away from the second riser raises the rail height and moving it closer to the second riser will lower the rail height.